S-24 Disk Scrubber

S-24 Disk Scrubber

The S-24 disk scrubber is a highly flexible tool for your cleaning regimen.  The large, robust tanks and batteries combined with a compact scrub-deck is Purpose Built™ for:

  • Daily scrubbing of medium sized facilities
  • Narrow-to-medium width hallways
  • Small-to-medium rooms and areas
  • Grout and porous floor scrubbing
  • Spill clean-up & water recovery
  • Use on uneven floors (dual-disk head)

Detailed Specifications below:

S-24 Detailed Specifications

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Product Description

S-24 Disk Scrubber

Category’s highest rotational RPM & largest batteries deliver best overall performance

Shipping early 2014!

When cleaning is your job and performance is your focus, the S-24 disk scrubber is the workhorse with premium options that can make your job a breeze.  From unmatched cleaning specifications to industry-first technologies, the S-24 gets the job done – at a price you can afford.  This machine’s “get it done” features and options include:

  • 360 rotational rpm brush speed – over 60% faster than leading competition
  • BatteryShield™ – the first integrated automatic wet battery protection system
  • 260 AH Wet Batteries – delivers max run times approaching 5.5 hours
  • TTS – industry-first tank treatment system keeps recovery tanks smelling fresh
  • HEPA Filtration & 65 dBA – combination delivers highest indoor environmental quality
  • On-board chemical dispensing – first chemical injection system to combine speed sensitive solution flow with “off the shelf” chemical containers

Although new, this machine instantly becomes the leader in 24-inch (610 mm) walk-behind auto scrubbers.  Combining all these features with the lowest list price in the category and simplest operation makes the S-24 a high value for you and your operations.


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