Green Cleaning Defined

Green or Environmentally Preferable Products are defined in Presidential Executive Order 13101 as “Products or Services That Have a Lesser or Reduced Effect on Human Health and the Environment When Compared with Competing Products or Services that Serve the Same Purpose.”

Green Cleaning includes the use of the types of products described above, but it also goes much further.  Green Cleaning is a multi-level program that takes into consideration the needs of both the building and its occupants, then evaluates the cleaning chemicals and equipment, janitorial paper products, procedures and training programs.

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Green Cleaning Standards

Currently, there are no federal laws that mandate Green Cleaning, Nor are there specific standards that make up a Green Cleaning program.  However, there are several standards, requirements and best practices that consistently appear in Green Cleaning programs.  The following have been adopted by organizations and programs like US Green Building Council’s LEED for Existing Buildings Rating System, Hospitals for a Healthy Environment’s Green Guide for Healthcare, and the Collaborative for High Performance Schools’ (CHPS) Maintenance and Operations Manual:

Green Cleaning Chemicals

  • Green Seal’s Standard for Industrial and Institutional Cleaners (GS-37) for general purpose, washroom, glass, and carpet cleaning chemicals.
  • Floor finishes that do not contain metal cross linking compounds (Metal-Free) and that reduce the frequency of stripping and recoating.

Janitorial Paper Products (Bath Tissue and Paper Towels)

  • EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for recycled content in janitorial paper products bleached (whitened) without the use of Chlorine or its derivatives.
  • Products should be dispensed from large rolls to minimize packaging and waste.  High-Capacity dispensers that promote waste reduction by controlling towel usage should also be used.  Folded paper towels are discouraged.
  • Dispensers for paper towels should be “Hands-Free” to reduce the potential for cross contamination associated with dispensers operated with levers or cranks.

Janitorial Equipment

  • High-speed burnishers with active vacuum attachments that capture fine particles.
  • Carpet extractors and automatic floor scrubbers that reduce water consumption.

“Why” Green Cleaning?

Recent innovations in the cleaning industry have helped to launch the Green Cleaning Movement by which we can have safer, healthier and more productive facilities.  We can now do this with newer technologies that perform equally well and are as cost effective as their traditional counterparts while also reducing negative impacts on health and the environment.

Green Cleaning includes the use of green products, but goes far beyond just the products.  Rather, Green Cleaning is a comprehensive program that evaluates the unique needs of the building and its occupants, and also evaluates the cleaning chemicals, janitorial paper, cleaning equipment, procedures and training programs.

Kellco Products can design and implement a specific Green Program for your facility. Let us put our experience to work for you!

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